The imaginarium of doctor parnassus full movie review

Summary of the story: the movie meets us with the characters of Doctor Parnassus (Christopher Plummer), his daughter Valentina (Lilly Cole) and his assistant Anton (Andrew Garfield) and their travel through reality towards the so-called impossible. What they do is a traveling theater. But it is not just any theater, common for the time, but a really imaginative one. What the place does to the clients is not just a temporary buzz of fun in their heads, but a total change of character. It transfers people to their own world, chosen entirely by their subconsciousness. The only thing the people should do is to pass through the mirror on the stage and they will find themselves a long way away from the fog and dirt of the big city.
Once upon a time, Doctor Parnassus did a bet with the devil. And the latter lost. What was the Doctor’s reward? Immortality. At the beginning, it seemed as such a precious gift, but with time he understood that watching your most beloved people wither and go isn’t a gift. However, he met the mother of Valentina and the girl has been with him since her birth. She is the beauty in the spectacle, but it isn’t planned to be long-lasting. As part of the deal with Mr. Nick aka the Devil, Parnassus owes him his child as soon as she reaches 16. But the doctor doesn’t give up easily. He fight for the girl as another deal with the devil is made.
This is the last role of the cherished career of Heath Ledger, who died unexpectedly in 2008. His great acting skills are known from movies such as The Patriot, A Knight’s tale, Ned Kelly, Brokeback Mountain and Batman’s The Dark Knight, for which he received an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. Due to this untimely death, it was a problem to finish the movie. After many weeks, the team managed to think a solution – Johnny Depp, Colin Farrel and Jude Law. Three of the best actors at the moment! The result of the combination of these four incredible actors is one marvelous enchantment of the audience.
The young Lilly Cole, who is still a beginner in acting, proves to be no less skillful or charming than the best in the field.
Terry Gilliam showed us just once more how great a director he can be. The methods used in this movie take us nearer to the feelings and emotions of the characters, to the coldness of the wind and the heat of the imagined desert. He manages to do to us the same that The Imaginarium does to the people who dare to enter.