July 3, 2017

Part of the title of Erik Gandini’s offering at this year’s Sydney Film Festival owes its origin to John Zerzan, an advocate of property damage as a form of protest against a voracious consumerist culture. In an interview during the film, Zerzan both regrets what he sees as a need for his philosophy and emphasizes that the violence he encourages is against corporate property. Zerzan believes that we, as materially…


The imaginarium of doctor parnassus full movie review

June 28, 2017

Summary of the story: the movie meets us with the characters of Doctor Parnassus (Christopher Plummer), his daughter Valentina (Lilly Cole) and his assistant Anton (Andrew Garfield) and their travel through reality towards the so-called impossible. What they do is a traveling theater. But it is not just any theater, common for the time, but a really imaginative one. What the place does to the clients is not just a temporary…