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Look Like An Engineer Movement Expands to Billboard Campaign

Women in the tech industry have been joining a Twitter movement that seeks to deconstruct the stereotypes of the sector being male-dominated. By posting photos of themselves on Twitter using the hashtag #Ilooklikeanengineer, women are showing that tech is not exclusively populated by white or Asian men. Now the project is on Indiegogo in an effort to fund the installation of an #Ilooklikeanengineer billboard. The initial $3,500 funding goal was quickly surpassed with $8,550 being funded in just…


Japan Scaling Back Liberal Arts for Vocational Focus

Japan is rethinking its approach to higher education and is looking to cut back on the liberal arts and introduce more business-oriented programs that will focus on vocational training and R&D. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has asked the country’s 86 academic institutions to redefine their focus and restructure their curricula. “The drive is part of Mr. Abe’s efforts to revitalize Japan, injecting more dynamism and innovation into the economy through a…