How To Write An Email Interview Thank You Letter

June 10, 2017

If you have just finished your job interview and think your work is over, you’re wrong. You now need to craft an interview thank you letter. The interview is just part of the first impression that you are giving to a new employer. Whether or not you have the manners and professional courtesy to now write a thank you letter for their time is the next part of your test….


The BEST Job Boards to Use In Your Job Search

April 18, 2017

The following question came from one of our readers. “Which job search engine works the best? I like, and it looks like my monster search is not returning hardly anything. I was also wondering if worth the fees that they charge for the job seekers.” Great question!  Here’s the truth about using Job Boards in the job search process: First, you must remember that only about 4-6% of…


Look Like An Engineer Movement Expands to Billboard Campaign

February 28, 2017

Women in the tech industry have been joining a Twitter movement that seeks to deconstruct the stereotypes of the sector being male-dominated. By posting photos of themselves on Twitter using the hashtag #Ilooklikeanengineer, women are showing that tech is not exclusively populated by white or Asian men. Now the project is on Indiegogo in an effort to fund the installation of an #Ilooklikeanengineer billboard. The initial $3,500 funding goal was quickly surpassed with $8,550 being funded in just…