Public Speaking Help

April 18, 2017

Back when I first started having to speak in front of groups, I needed a lot of public speaking help. I went to professors and organizations looking for ‘crash courses’ in public speaking. Unfortunately, the only way for you to truly get over your public speaking fears is to actually get up in front of people! You might have heard me tell this story on this site before, but I…


Tips On Getting Good Grades in College

If you want to ensure a bright future ahead of you in the career of your choice, you should not just be content with getting passing grades in college. You should make the effort to make higher than average grades. An excellent Grade Point Average (GPA) is the gauge by which potential employers determine which applicants are suited for their companies. Students who are about to enter college and who…

March 29, 2017

Reading and Writing: A Balancing Act

Mayra E. Messi Unlike last year, this year I was given a standard 9th grade English curriculum that dictated what literature I was to teach. According to the curriculum, I was to teach the novel, The Sound of Waves, by Yukio Mishima during the first marking period of the second semester. Knowing that, I began planning for that unit of study. All was well until I approached my principal about…

March 20, 2017